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LV8D Reps 4-Week Shooting Program

LV8D Reps is a 4-week shooting program designed to take each player’s shooting to the next level.

With personalized instruction from Coach Brandon Holmes, the program utilizes our state-of-the-art shooting machines to improve each player’s game-time shooting skills. 


Improve Performance:

  • The LV8D Reps program starts with an evaluation session to instruct players on the proper use of the shooting machine and to evaluate each player’s shooting mechanics. 

  • Each week’s session will have a different emphasis to help players learn specific elements of shooting for game situations. 

  • Focus will be on proper shooting mechanics at game speed, proper footwork, balance, and creating space to ensure each participant has the ability and tools to shoot over defenders. 

  • One-hour sessions are held during designated time slots on Fridays to give players an opportunity to get some shots up before big weekend tournaments. 

Program Details:

  • Next session starts Friday, June 21. 

  • Cost for a 4-week session with Coach Brandon Holmes is $250. 

  • There are three separate age groups. 

  • 4 players max per shooting machine. 

  • Each player will receive an LV8D Reps t-shirt.

  • There are no carryovers for missed sessions. 

Friday Session Schedule:

  • 3rd & 4th graders 4:00-5:00 pm

  • 5th & 6th graders 5:00-6:00 pm

  • 7th - 12th graders 6:00-7:00 pm 

Weekly Schedule

  • Week 1 - June 21

  • Week 2 - June 28

  • Week 3 - July 5

  • Week 4 - July 12


Trainer Profile


Brandon Holmes

Brandon Holmes has an extensive career in basketball. He has been an avid player of the game, and has developed the necessary skills to pass his knowledge on to others, as well as train younger players who are looking to develop their game.

Holmes played for Texas Tech on a full-ride scholarship and battled back from a career ending injury to play in the American Basketball Association after college. He played professionally overseas, but eventually came back to the U.S. to share his basketball knowledge with the next generation of players.

Holmes has trained top athletes for over 10 years and is dedicated to helping young players develop their game.